Aeroe Denmark

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Aeroe Denmark

It’s pronounced something like “airrh-oo.” A small ferry-accessible island in Denmark, south of Svendborg which is south of Odense, which is in the middle of Denmark on the path from Copenhagen to Aarhus or Aalborg.

Just a few lines and a few pics for you today from our time in Aeroeskoebing. We will do a longer post once we return.

I heard about Aeroe from a colleague years ago, and always thought if we had a few days before an event we’d think about it, and think about it we did. We stayed at Arnfeldt Hotel, just a wonderful place for us. Katrina and Morten Arnfeldt are the new proprieters of this restored hotel. The breakfasts were amazing.

We wandered for three days here with no purposes other than enjoying the sights and smells and sounds of Aeroe. Above is an evening image of a typical street and homes in Aeroes koebing.

We took a long walk each day along the water that was bordered by wheat fields.

We found a favorite Aeroe restaurant (Spiseriet) where we had the famous Danish lunch: Roedbroed.

Source: Google News Denmark | Netizen 24 Denmark

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